Thursday, September 28, 2006

10 Things Knitterly

I saw this meme over at Grumperina's and while I'm not a huge meme fan, I like this one. So, here goes.

10 knitterly things about me.
  1. I have never knit a sweater in pieces and seamed it together successfully. The tank took a dive and will live again as Sizzle, but, in my mind, this still doesn't count as it doesn't have set-in sleeves. I am totally a "in the round" kind of girl.
  2. I adore cables. They are the best knitting feat out there. They look wildly complicated, yet aren't that hard to produce well. Lots of bang for very little buck.
  3. I am totally a process knitter. See number one. The finished object must be perfect (or nearly so), but I tend to give away much more than I keep. The pieces hold very little sentimental attachment for me.
  4. A quick look in my knitting basket reveals that I have knitting ADD. I have waaaaay to many projects on the needles at any given time. I am trying to correct this, but my sucess rate is pretty low.
  5. I have recently developed a sizable fetish for sock yarn. I love the colors and the fact that you can throw them in the wash. Now, I just need more time to knit all those socks.
  6. As my blogroll demonstrates, I spend entirely too much time trolling the web for interesting blogs. I love the feeling of camaraderie that develops between people who in all likelihood will never meet. Some are a bit like watching a soap opera, others have the potential to inspire me to greatness. But, the best in my opinion are those that show me that even great knitters are humbled by the lowly act of wrapping string around a stick.
  7. Deep in my soul, there is a burning, red-hot need to become a spinner. The entire journey from fleece to garment enthralls me. The choice of breed, processing the fleece (okay, not so much this part), spinning (my hands just seem to know what to do when I am at a wheel), dyeing, knitting. All of it is so interesting and challenging. The control over what is produced is intriguing.
  8. Intellectually, I have no fear of steeking. But the thought of doing it makes me weep.
  9. Like all true addicts, I eschew sleeping for a few more rows.
    The other night was the perfect example. After getting home at 10:15 from my knitting group, I decided that I was in the right state of mind to figure out where the missing stitch wasn't, on the peacock shawl. I had spent over
    an hour looking for the damn thing the night before and was resigned to the fact that I was probably going to have to tink almost 400 stitches over 3 rows.

    Then, a light bulb moment. The error was in the second to last repeat on the row. I could count the stitches from the edge backwards. Lo and behold, there it wasn't, a missing yarn over. I felt so good about finishing that row that I decided to do the next row which was a purl row. That only took 15 minutes. Then, I HAD to knit the next row because it was the last row of chart 3 and the pattern was pretty easy. By then it was 11:30 and past my bedtime.

  10. Rarely do I knit a pattern exactly as written. I always make some sort of change. Like most knitters, I tend not to keep meticulous notes on what I did. This ups the difficulty on say a pair of highly patterned socks or sweaters.


Pink Dandelion said...

Knitting something flat that could be knit in the round is a waste of time! lol. between the seams and the extra purl stitches (if it's stockinette) there's no reason not to. I've been known to convert patterns to the round when they're knit flat too. I detest seams, and I'm bad at them too (think those two are related? ;-) )

Our knitting methods must have an awful lot in common, I'm reading that going "yep... yep... hey me too!... yep..."

Marisa said...

I hear you on the spinning...must learn...but I really don't need another hobby...must knit through stash first...

Anonymous said...

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