Thursday, July 24, 2008

We interrupt this hiatus...


I didn't really intent to take such a long break from blogging. I was completely burned out on everything after the spring craft show I did and then life just piled it on. Eric was working insane hours until the end of June and I just didn't have any mojo left. Not for knitting, not for sewing, not for blogging.

At the end of May and the first part of June, there was a bunch of mandatory overtime at work and some sort of bug that Eric swears was walking pneumonia. Let's not forget the seemingly never ending rounds of house guests and weekend obligations. I need a nap just thinking about all of it.

Either that, or it is the typical exhaustion of the first trimester.

That's right, we are expecting baby#2 in February. The end result is that my typical evening lately has been along the lines of come home, eat dinner, take a nap on the couch, tuck in Caleb and then fall asleep for good on the couch until Eric drags me off to bed. Overall I am feeling pretty good, just tired and since the first trimester is nearly over, it should only get better.

I have been knitting, to get ready for the fall show. It's really true that the only way to regain the desire to do something is to just do it. Now if I can keep the momentum going...