Sunday, September 10, 2006

WI Sheep and Wool

After much hemming and hawing, I finally decided to head over to the show. I wasn't sure because they have the same vendors year after year. However some of those vendors include Blackberry Ridge and Susan's Fibers. I love Susan's Fibers. She comes with about a dozen wheels and takes up at least 4 booths.

I managed to stay away except for a the Fiber Trends pattern for Felted Clogs which will be a Christmas gift for some family.

I did manage to score some great hand paints. Not too much to break the budget. I got 2 huge hanks of worsted weight. Estimated yardage is approximately 450 yards each. Get this. They were only $10 each. (That would be the great big honking hanks in front and underneath.)
The other is a lace-weight. Unknown yardage, weighs in at 87 grams. This was a whopping 5 bucks. I am thinking that these will become toe-up ankle socks for me, but we'll see. This was a one of a kind. Apparently, the artist was teaching a dyeing class and if there was unexhausted dye left, then she used it to hand paint some skeins. There were some that were all one color and they were lovely, but not my colors.

On second thought, anyone have a suggestion for a lace scarf done in lace-weight?


On a wildly different note, Caleb will be having his tonsils out on Monday. I am nervous beyond words. Freaking out would be an understatement. I do realize that this is a minor procedure and all, but still...

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