Saturday, September 16, 2006

Lots and Little

Lots seems to be happening around here.
  • The washer got fixed and it wasn't due to felting.
  • The hat got felted.
  • 2 skeins for Knitpicks Bare in worsted got dyed with Kool-Aid.
  • Caleb is feeling better and went to his best friend's birthday party today.
  • I think I found the stitch pattern for the laceweight I bought recently.

On the other hand I have a horrible feeling of ennui and can't seem to shake it. I am hating my job. In fact, I dusted off my resume tonight. I haven't posted it online because that would be temping the fates entirely too much, but I did send it out to a couple of places. I also saw that there is still an opening in another department in my company that I might be able to take. I am going to see HR about it on Monday. I am beyond pissed that it has taken 4 months to post the vacancy in our department and even though my boss has gotten several pre-qualified resumes she hasn't set up any interviews. I don't have it in me to take on the additional job responsibilities. I can't. I won't work that many additional hours to complete the tasks at hand.

I feel as if I am being set up to fail. I go to ask questions and she doesn't have the time to talk to me. Yet, I can tell she disapproves that things aren't happening as she would like. I am in over my head and want out. I truly feel like taking this position in the company was one of the worst moves I have ever made. While I have made some new friends, it has not been worth the stress. I can't continue to feel like this and make my family take the toll. While I realize that there are very few knitting jobs out there that can pay the bills, I desperately want to chuck it all in to do what makes me happy.

It doesn't help that I can't lean on Eric as he is completely wrapped up in what he needs to do. However, my best friend called and it was so nice to be able to unload all of it to her. I miss her desperately.


Sharon said...

I think we all dream of being able to earn a living from doing something that we actually enjoy.

I am sending you {{{hugs}}} from down under :)

Anonymous said...

You're further than I am - you dusted off your resume. I have thought about it almost daily at this point and found the file. However, I suffer from being stuck in the race and can't find the nerves to get off the wheel. Where to go what to do? Let's get some gellatto soon and unload some of this uneasyness.

Hang in there and find the smile!
Nice move with the blog too!