Monday, September 11, 2006

We're home

We made it home today after surgery. I feel so badly for the little guy. He did great and I am thanking my lucky stars for narcotics. For him, not me. Although my nerves could have used some today.


Anonymous said...

poor little guy... and poor mom! not that i'd advocate this or anything, but once he starts feeling better, you may need to hold onto those narcotics for yourself! from what i hear, growing boys only get into more trouble as they got older... and their moms need stronger drugs!

here's a simple lace scarf that i've done. i did it with non-fuzzy lace weight (although it was on the heavy side of lace wt) and used sz 6 needles. easy and turned out nicely. i also was looking at the elizabeth scarf patterns over at knitpicks recently. and this is an easy one that i did for a present last fall i cast on 44 st on sz 5 using some knitpicks lace wt and maybe used half a skein, maybe even a bit less. hope that helps! it's starting to be scarf time here and i've been thinking about starting a new one myself.

Sharon said...

Hope Caleb is feeling better soon. Kids usually bounce back quicker than we do.

I am intrigued about Blogger Beta, was it easy to transfer your blog over or did you have to have another template? I should go and do my research ;)