Saturday, March 31, 2007


This is what I have been making lately.

The grey polka-dot has a dark grey satin lining and a magnetic snap closure. The brown polka-dot has a salmon colored gaberine lining with a pocket and magnetic closure.

There is a local store that wanted a few different designs and I am hoping to take these in next week for sale.

There are several other options for sale, but these are the only two that have half way decent photos. I need to clean them up in Photoshop on my work computer.

Soon, there will be a website up listing these for sale, but if you are interested in purchasing, please email me at sales at myhouseofwool dot com.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Yet another picture free post

Still not much is new on the knitting front. Mostly it is just washcloths and felted hats. But really, as drained as I am by work, I don't have the creative energy for much more. Soon I will have to drag out the yarn again for Sizzle. I am looking forward to making it, but finding the time to knit what I want is hard, harder than keeping a four year old quiet. Yup, that hard.

On the sewing front, we found a store that is willing to take 4 each of a couple of different bags, so I am burning the midnight oil trying to get them completed. The thought of making a couple of sales and recouping the burgeoning costs is beyond delightful!

I promise that I will take pictures of them once we get a few more nice days. I will then need to use the ol' work computer (which has Photoshop) to edit them. After that, it is the whole issue of getting the website up and running. I do have a tax ID number, but after much consideration, the name just isn't working for a handbag business. I am thinking that I will make is much simpler so that I can use it for either endeavor.

I'm tired just reading the to-do list. What I wouldn't give for a quick nap.

Thursday, March 01, 2007


I am constantly amazed at how busy life is. Apparently, I am either a slow learner or just plain stupid because I feel harried and hurried every day. At work and at home. And I just realized that I haven't posted in a month.

I swear I haven't fallen from the face of the earth, but am working diligently on a TON of projects. All fiber related, but very few involve knitting.

I know that I have mentioned the craft fair more often than is probably necessary, but I was moderately sucessful at it and will be displaying again in the fall. To that end, I have been working like crazy to create stuff that will sell. I know that the hats will do well and I have been picking up Patons Classic Wool on sale to make them.

But, I have also decided to do handbags. For a non-sewer, this is quite a challenge. Overall, I have been doing okay. I sold one to a friend at work and a shop in my hometown bought 3 of them. I have a couple more on consignment there and a shop in Milwaukee took two more on consigment as well.

If we ever have a nice weekend, I will take pictures and post them.