Saturday, September 09, 2006

Yet another hat

I finished another hat for the craft fair. It came out much smaller than I would have hoped, but I will sell it as a baby hat. No one but me knows that it should have been larger. Well, and now you. You can keep a secret right?
I also got into trouble on again. It is causing my wallet some serious problems. There are four skeins here. The 2 larger ones will each make a pair of socks. I just had to have the orange and can hardly wait to cast on. I have a feeling these will be plain ol' stockinette, round and round until you want to poke your eyes out with a dpn. The light blue with white and light brown has 2 50 gm skeins and is not quite a sportweight. These might become a pair for sale as I am jonesing to cast on for something more complicated than a hat or garter stitch scarf.

Not to beg, but I am curious to see if I can email people back on the new blogger comments...

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