Monday, October 02, 2006

Weekend of discovery

This weekend I discovered a few things the hard way.

First, while I can hold my liquor, I get a raging hangover from even just half a bottle of the new tropical drink inspired coolers. Not very pretty.

Second, I should not knit on the shawl when I am overtired. Again, not very pretty.

Third, it is important to look at one's work from all angles when using a hand paint to ensure you don't get funky pooling. This might not be the best choice of yarns when overtired.

The side in the top picture is actually greener than that.

Forth, a new winter coat for a soon-to-be-four year old that is substantial enough to withstand a Wisconsin winter costs an arm and a leg.

1 comment:

Pink Dandelion said...

just as long as you don't knit after one of those coolers...

Watch the REI outlet and the sales at online - you can get some super deals on a winter wear!

Another place to check is - they've got really good deals too!