Sunday, September 24, 2006

Three in one night

This weekend has been busy. First, the purple tank became this.

Then, I cast on for Sizzle.

I strung beads for Odessa.

Another felted hat was started using the yarn from the WI Sheep and Wool Festival.

And I built this. As usual, I made a few changes. I used a lazy susan base that I got at Home Depot along with the other supplies. The most expensive part was the drill bit for the holes. It has taken a bit of tweaking because the notches have to be about perfect for the lazy susan to spin properly. (Ask me how I know this.) The original pattern calls for using 1 x 2's and in retrospect, I should not have changed that to 2x2's. It is too heavy and causes too much tension in the wound ball of yarn. When I have some more time, I will probably try making the arms again so it isn't so heavy.

During the week, this got finished as well.

All in all, quite busy.


Leslie said...

A woman who knows what to do with power tools... very impressive!

The hat is nice... looks like a bit of sunshine to improve winter days.

I did some ripping too this weekend. It feels kinda nice to have all those neat skeins wound up ready to start over, with projects that hopefully won't have the boo boo's of their former life!

Hope you enjoyed all your productivity. It's been sounding like you were in need of some hardcore crafting time.

Pink Dandelion said...

I love swifts!! You're looks great! :-D

Sorry to hear of your purple tanks sad ending. I have some projects like that, and I think their fate will be the same. Frogging can feel wonderfully liberating though!

I want to do something beaded so bad... maybe I should try my hand at odessa soon, I've made swirled hats like that before, but not with beads.