Thursday, June 14, 2007

all's quiet on the blogging front

I'm guessing that the recent quiet from knit bloggers is due to unusually nice weather rather than their sudden demise. We're planning on taking advantage of it as well and are heading to the Wisconsin Dells today for a short stay at a water park. It is an actual city that is on the Wisconsin River. It used to be a quiet place full of cabins that you could rent. Now it is Water Park/Tourist Trap Hell. Everything is overpriced and crappy. But Caleb loves it and we found a sweet deal. The newest thing is that the better resorts are building indoor and outdoor water parks on their property so you don't have to leave at all. The are great but run about $200/night.

The job hunt is going very well and with a modicum of luck, I should be employed by the end of the month. Currently, there appear to be 4 strong contenders.

One company told me that they are putting together an offer. I really liked the people I met and the atmosphere seems very good. However, the pay will be my rock bottom minimum and a huge step backwards.

The second is in telecom and the base salary is okay with a commission structure. I don't clearly understand how much selling is required for the position and that makes me nervous. I am the only candidate that has been presented for this job and it seems like a lock. I just need to meet a couple more people face-to-face and they will be putting together an offer that same day. Why they can't give me the offer now if they are sure it will happen, I don't quite understand.

I had two other great interviews this week. One is in HVAC and I should find out today or tomorrow about that. This one is currently my top choice. The pay will be outstanding and the people seem really nice. The company is growing and the person who currently has the position is semi-retiring and they decided to add another full time person rather than just replacing him altogether. I see this as having a great resource on hand to help during the first few months in a new position.

The last opportunity is seems like the best fit, but the commute will be about 40 minutes each way. It is really just too far for me - I hate the thought of leaving Caleb in daycare that much longer every day. They have asked me back for a second interview and I will go on it just because I can't afford to rule anything out.

Hopefully this all goes well. We will most likely need to have COBRA for the time that I am off of work because of Eric being ill last fall and I don't relish the idea of having to pay that huge premium more than one month.

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Leslie said...

Hope your vacation was a nice break. Good luck with all your job decisions. No matter what you choose to do, it must be thrilling to know that even if you have to take a step back professionally, the position will be an improvement over your last stressful job.