Sunday, October 08, 2006

Busy, busy, busy

Ugh, the broken record thing again.

Anyway, this is what I did this weekend. I am pretty happy with the results even if it took 2 trips through the dyepot. This yarn sucks up dye like crazy. The first trip through ended up looking like the very first batch I did even though I added significantly more dye to the pot. Instead of just using Kool-aide, I also picked up some Wiltons, burgandy, but needed to add more Kool-aide because it wasn't dark enough.

This will be for the soles of the felted clogs.

I have started yet another hat for the stinkin' fair as well as another garter stitch scarf. This time I decided that I would knit the length of the scarf so it is only about 10-15 rows instead of 753 soul-sucking rows. Hopefully the pooling won't look stupid. No pic of this yet as it is all scrunched up on the needle and doesn't look like much yet.


Karen said...

Hi!! Thanks so much for leaving a comment on my blog today. I agree 100%, the ADT sign does look pretty funny out there with a "stripped down" house. I hadn't thought about that, but now I can't stop laughing about it!!

Your yarn looks really great - what a pretty color it turned out. Even if it did take two dyings - LOL.

Sharon said...

Great dye job, lovely colour. I love the clogs and they are on my to do list along with a kzillion other things!!

Leslie said...

So should I ask how much longer until your craft fair? Every time you post a project for it, I think, "hmm, I should check into getting things together for a booth somewhere next year." And then every time I read about the "stinkin' fair," I think, "ok, maybe not." Hope you've picked out something great to knit for yourself once it's all over!

Pink Dandelion said...

Looks great! I love the color :-)

Good luck on the scarf!