Sunday, October 29, 2006

For the love of babies

Before anyone assumes anything, I'm not pregnant.

However, one of the nicest women I know is. S and her husband are expecting their first and I am ENthralled with the baby kimono from MDK. What a fun and easy knit. That is until I try it.

As always, I am not capable of knitting anything as written. ANYTHING. Hello, compulsive need to "improve" any given pattern, NOT a good tendency.

It says to knit in either garter or st stitch. Um, won't it roll without some sort of boarder if it is in st stitch? In a stroke of genius, I decided to add a garter stitch boarder to the bottom hems. Easy enough to do. I did a few rows less on the sleeves so I can pick up and knit an equal number of rows of garter at the cuffs, because planning ahead is a good thing. I knit across the row and took into account the change in the sleeve length and managed to center the 20 stitches to be bound off for the back of the neck.

Then it hit me. I hadn't added a garter stitch boarder. This too would roll like crazy and drive me nuts. I tinked back the bound off stitches plus 3 more on each side. I then dropped those 26 stitches for four rows and knit it back up in garter stitch.

I am knitting this in KnitPicks Shine Worsted in Snapdragon, a truly bubblegum pink. I love how soft the yarn is, but it has gotten a bit of a fuzzy halo just from handling. This might just pill like crazy. On the other hand, it is for a newborn and they generally only wear something a couple of times before they outgrow it!

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Leslie said...

Looks great so far. I'd say go for the ooh's and aah's with a pretty sweater at the baby shower and then you can always do a more practical one out of durable yarn later if this one pills too badly. Or even better, buy the practical one later at Target so you can obsess over something complicated and fun!