Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Twist - update

It is amazing how much can be accomplished if one has a week off from work with a modicum of childcare available (aka a house-guest).

Twist (it now has a name) is moving along quite well. I have finished the bodice and have seamed the shoulders. I took no notes, so there is very little chance of this ever becoming a pattern. Besides, I have no desire to crank out the necessary numbers for multiple sizes.

But the neck edging is killing me. Following all knitting tips, I slipped the first stitch of each row to "facilitate" picking up stitches around the neck. Meh. This resulted in too few stitches and it looked home-made. Double meh.

Out it came. I am trying to pick up double the stitches. We'll see how it goes. I flipped through Knitting on the Edge and found a couple of options for the edging in lieu of a K2P1 ribbing which is nice, but very, very boring.

Eric's scarf is languishing in the background waiting impatiently for this burst of creativity to come to it's normal grinding halt. There is nothing wrong with it, it is just, well a bajillion inches of black sameness.


Dipsy D. said...

Your Twist looks so gorgeous already - what a beautiful pattern, and I adore the colour you're using! I seem to run into problems with neck shapings all the time too - but I'm sure your plan on how to do it will work out perfectly!
Happy Knitting!

Karen said...

Wow, twist is beautiful!!! :)