Wednesday, January 17, 2007

It's an illness really

Honestly, I should just know better.

$14.00 and 2 pounds of Peaches n Creme later and the wash clothes are flying off the needles. Three are already finished with a fourth on the needles. Since Saturday afternoon. And I found this website. I like that most of the patterns have pictures so you have some idea of what you are knitting.

Seriously, could you resist something that cost $0.65 worth of yarn to make? Didn't think so.(Figuring 1.5 oz. per washcloth, roughly) The Daisy colorway - cutecutecute. The blue isn't doing it for me so much but someone out there will like them.

The best part, to me, was the following conversation with Caleb (who just turned 4).

Me: knitting furiously
Caleb: Whacha knittin' Momma?
Me: A washcloth.
Caleb: For me?
Me: Would you like it?
Caleb: Oh, yes Momma *imagine a wistful, little sigh as it is said*
Me: What do you like so much about it?
Caleb: 'Cuz it's special, 'cuz you made it.

Is he trained well or what?


I have joined the second ball of yarn for Eric's scarf. I swear on all that is holy that scarves are the knitters version of purgatory. They go on forever and no matter how simple or intricate the patterning, you get bored. This one is simple, but the opportunities to mess it up are endless. That is, they occur on every wrong sided row.

What does intrigue me about it is that the fabric is not behaving at all how I expected it would. The pattern is straight out of one of the Barbara Walker Treasuries (number 2, I think). Nothing fancy, just a simple 12 row repeat, repeated until your eyes start to bleed. It is based on a P3, K3 ribbing and it moves 1 stitch over every right sided row.

I expected that it would scrunch up like the Wavy did when I knit it. But, I am fascinated by the fact that this scarf lays completely flat with no scrunching up or curling at all. Granted, it looks just like the sample in the book, but somehow I was thinking that she must have blocked the snot out of it to look that way.

Once I have decent lighting, I will post a picture of it.


Sharon said...

Ah but a good illness to have I reckon ;)

Caleb is so cute.

Karen said...

Yup, washcloth knitting is a sickness - but a good one!! Your son is just the best. :)