Saturday, January 27, 2007

Check this out

I found this on Unravel Me. I think I know what will be on my Christmas cards. Is it wrong to be disappointed that they are machine knit?


In other news, I have convinced Eric that 60 inches is plenty long for a scarf that will stretch. If I knit it any longer, it will end up hanging out of his coat in a month and will be chocking hazard. Now to bind off and weave in the ends.

I am left with half a ball of black 22o superwash and no ideas on what to do with it. I have a couple of balls of 22o superwash in a different color and they might look good together... I originally bought it to knit a sweater for Bubba, but once I got it home, I wasn't feelin' the luv for the color for him. It is more periwinkle than it looked in the shop. So, 660 yards plus ~100 ish yards in black. It might just have to be for me. Knit in the round, I might be able to squeeze out a sweater.


The bag-a-thon continues chez knitter. It feels freakin' weird to be sewing, and actually producing something that doesn't cause me to hang my head in shame. I like this pattern, but have a tough time getting the round bottom sewn into the sides. I have sewn 3 together so far. The first one is completely done. I have a second one that I did in the same fabrics and that one just needs a bit of hand finishing.

The third will be a bit trickier as I have added some trim to the bag. I managed to get all of the pieces lined up with each other, but I realized that they are at a slight angle on the bag. I can't decide if it is worth ripping it all apart. I think I will just let if fly and see what happens.

One of the other patterns in the package has square sides and I thinking that I will try that one next. It should simplify the whole sewing on a curve problem.

I have included a link to the sale page of a new website I am creating.

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marisa said...

Can't wait to see more bags! The green tafetta bag is beautiful!