Sunday, January 21, 2007

Branching out

Eric and I have been going back and forth over the wisdom of knitting for a craft fair and the consensus is that, economically, it doesn't make sense. The reality is that a washcloth takes one night to knit and I can sell it for about $5.00. Not a great return on investment. Felted hats take several nights to make and I can sell those for about $30.00.

On the other hand, sewing is fast. I mean really fast. So fast that I (and my professed hate/hate relationship with the d@mn machine) whipped this beauty out last night.

I might be hooked. I love this fabric, it is the most beautiful chocolate color with the bright blue and coral patterning.


As promised, I have a picture of Eric's scarf, finally. I still have about 8" to go, but we are rounding the final bend and I am glad.


Stacey said...

What a gorgeous bag! The colors are beautiful. I'm glad to see the end is in sight for the scarf, which looks excellent by the way.

Karen said...

Wow, that bag is beautiful!!! I bet those will sell really well at craft fairs. :)

marisa said...

Beautiful bag Kris! So, I suppose clones of Eric's scarf for craft fairs are out of the question?

madalyn said...

I'm in love with the fabric for that bag! It's gorgeous!