Thursday, August 23, 2007


1 Ark
2 of every animal

Yes folks, Flood Watch 2007 continues here in Southeastern Wisconsin where up to another 4" of rain are predicted by the end of the weekend in an area already hard hit by overflowing waterways. (Minnesota may be called the land of 10,000 lakes, but we have more of them and dammit every one of them in the southern third of the state is ready to bust.) The entire bottom third of the state is under a flash flood watch until Saturday. SATURDAY, people. Anyone else find this to be remarkably disturbing or is it just me?

Its either an ark or gills and I'm guessing that the former might be easier to come by.

And to think that 2 weeks ago we were experiencing a pretty severe drought.

Lest you think that all we do here at the House of Wool is bitch about the weather and how it isn't a perfect sunny tropical day all year round just like it is in Jamaica or the Bahamas or hell, anywhere but here I did cast on for the Ribby Cardi after swatching a bunch. Or at least a bunch for me. I also planned carefully and washed the swatch because I've never worked with this particular yarn before. I'm really glad I did because it bloomed like crazy.

Combining the bloom with the fact that it is pretty loosely spun and looks like it will pill pretty easily, I decided to go down another needle size and knit the next larger size. In part this is because my bust measurement is 34" and 2" of ease for me will look like I am drowning in it and 34" will be too snug for a cardi.

I started the bottom ribbing on size 4's (yes, I realize that I must knit really loosely...) and was all set to switch to 5's for the body when I realized that I can't find a single one of my size 5 needles. I have at least 3 24" or longer circs and from what I can see none are in a WIP in the basket (the WIP don't stray from the basket or they will never become FO).

I keep all of my circs in a binder with heavy duty page protectors, one for each size with the length's written on the sleeve. This is how I know that I actually own some. I looked in the 4 sleeve and those appear to be correctly stored. I looked in the 6 sleeve and there are a couple of bamboos in there that say 5 but when I size them, they aren't...

In my heart of hearts, I know that this means I need to purchase the knit picks options.

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Michele said...

That sucks about the flooding...I hope you guys will be ok.

I am dying to get a set of Options too! I can wait, I will probably order them at the end of this month. Aren't they awesome?