Sunday, August 19, 2007

Contest time again

I've been thinking of running another contest to disguise my blatant trolling for comments. There will be yarny goodness for the 500th commenter.

I have updated the bagatelle website so that some of the bags I have in inventory can be purchased directly. I need to photograph more of them and put them up on the site. New fabrics are coming for fall as soon as I can put down the knitting to finish them up.


Michele said...

Oh wow, 500 comments! You Go Girl!!

Shan said...

I like how you neglected to tell us how many comments you need to reach 500. Sharp...and look at me, commenting!

Heddy said...

You know I love a contest! I read your blog every day but have a tendancy to lurk!

I really like your bags .... nice selection of colours, styles and really funky handles!

Michele said...

Does my vote count if I have already won a contest from you?? ;-) Its all good! Have a good day