Sunday, August 12, 2007


Today was the last day of Stitches Midwest and I was finally able to make it there after several aborted attempts in previous years.

I was lucky enough to be there when Franklin Habit was there to take photos for his 1000 Knitters project. He was lovely to meet in person. (I have to admit that I kinneared him for this photo.)

While he may have resolved to not purchase anything while at Market, I did no such thing. I must admit I made a bit of a thud as I fell off the no yarn buying bandwagon. I'm pretty sure that it was audible to most people in the greater Chicago area. I will acknowledge that I have never purchased so much yarn. Truth be told, I will need to find a new storage area for this haul because I have no room left in the normal stash containment area.

This is a good thing in my mind.

Here is the photographic evidence, but for some reason, the colors are waaaay off, so, where possible I will link to the real deal.

First off is the sock yarn. I scored a skein of Dreams in Color Smooshy (love that name!) sock yarn in the Deep Seaflower colorway at Mass Ave Knit Shop from Indianapolis. My skein looks a bit darker than what is on their website. I also found a vendor who had STR, The Fold in Marengo, IL. I got the Rose Quartz in heavyweight. Again, mine is a bit different than what is up on the Blue Moon website. I'm looking forward to working with both of them.

I found 10 balls of Louisa Harding's Kashmir Aran in color 19, a lovely rusty orange for just $3.99/ball. The color here is pretty accurate. This should be just enough for a 3/4 length sweater with a fair bit of negative ease.

Next up is a huge cone of tweedy goodness of unidentified wool. It was labeled on the shelf at the Web's booth, but it escapes me now. All I know is that it will be more than enough for a sweater. This time I'm thinking of trying a top down pattern. I've done a few bottom up, but I'm thinking that it would be nice to try something new. This is a rich brown, more coffee than chocolate with flecks of pink, blue and gold. I can't wait to swatch for this and see how it blooms. According to Jim at Web's it has been scoured prior to coning, but the yarn should still bloom a bit. I've got a bottle of Synthropol that I will probably use because it still feels a bit greasy to me.

Last up are 17 balls of burgundy and light grey from Valley Yarns that are destined to be come a Ribby Cardi. I'm looking forward to casting on for this as well.

This definitely means that I will not be buying myself any more yarn for a LONG time to come.

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Pink Dandelion said...

Oooh... lovely yarns!!

I've always wanted to go to a "stitches" but one's never been close enough to me *sniff*. Ah well... at least I can drool over what everyone else brings home and shows off on their blogs ;-)