Saturday, August 18, 2007

How does this happen?

Last weekend, I noticed that Caleb's sneakers were getting worn at the toe and made a mental note that this coming weekend we would need to go shoe shopping for him. Sounds good in theory right? I mean, the shoes should last 7 days if the that little bit of rubber that wraps up on the toe of the shoe is starting to, well, erode, for lack of a better description.

It turns out that 7 days was entirely too much to hope for. We only able to squeeze another 5 days from the shoes because Thursday he came home with the sneakers looking like this!

Yes, that is a hole worn right through. I swear he must be dragging his toes while riding the trikes at school.
Let's just say that he wasn't a happy camper about being dragged out to the mall on a school night. Paymore was having their typical BOGO sale, so the damage wasn't too bad and I picked up a pair that he can leave at school for gym.

These were a smash hit.

These are similar but not quite what we got, his are tan.

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