Wednesday, February 06, 2008

And the Winner Is...

I haven't worked much more on the shawl, so you won't be getting a picture of that. Or really if you want one, just scroll down a bit. Sorry, I'm more than a bit lazy...

Sorry for not posting results yesterday. You know. Life. Got busy. Crummy lighting for picture taking, blahblahblah. However, SE Wisconsin is getting a tremendous snowfall today. So much so that at 4pm yesterday, they closed the factory for today. Whoo Hoo, it isn't often that you get a snow day as a grown up (unlike someone else I could mention).

So, without further delay, Elaine - send me your address (kmhanson74atyahoodotcom) and I will get your prize off to you. It is 2 skeins of Shelridge Farm sock yarn in a colorway that makes me think of spring with the color of new leaves budding on trees and the pretty pink of blossoms. I hope you like it!

I want to know where she works because I got several repeat commentors saying that they forgot to mention that Elaine, from their office, told them to enter the contest. Um - knitting friends at work - sign me up. Heck, we will be moving in a year and a half, and I get to influence that choice (at least a little)... I would so love to work someplace where people don't think I'm weird for knitting.

More prizes to come, so stop back again to see if you won anything.

I finished the first prototype and well there were a few bugs that I needed to work out. I will be trying a second one today. Once I get the final version made, I will put up a few pictures. I am hoping that someone might be interested in it.


Shan said...

Hey, that reminds me - package was mailed Saturday, and Postes Canada Post says it should be there inside of 2 weeks, provided US Customs doesn't stomp on it.

Hope you like it!

Elaine said...

Thanks so much. I am so excited! I just sent you e-mail with my address.

Wahoo. Certainly just changed a very bleak dreary day here to something wonderful!

Elaine said...

Funny thing - I work in a computer research lab in which there are almost no women. But what most of the women have in common is that we knit. We're different ages, different politics, different races, all united by knitting. Actually, there are only 4 of us, and one is a short-term visitor.

But it really is great to have someone to admire what you've knit, or run out at lunchtime to the local yarn shop to touch.

Thanks again - I'm really excited.

Turtle said...

Congrats Elaine! How nice, a snow day! We keep getting teased with them but then, nothing! My daughter has managed 2 days though so far, 1 due to ice. *sigh, while our mtns get almost an inch and hour for the past 2 weeks! (avalanches, passes closed)

I just started working at a new spa yesterday and have founf a few former knitters and wana be's who are willing to knit on our down time at work! yeah! The old salon so did not get it.

Ragan Knits etc... said...

Congrats to Elaine (and to knitting friends at Have a wonderful snow day! I hope that you get to sew a lot and finish your totes!

Christine said...

Found a link from TheShizknit's blog.

Love it here... I'll be back often!

Anonymous said...

Hey, you know, there is some more of this silk ... hehe evil chuckle. ;-D

I started the scarf this evening, and it's knitting up quite loverly.

I LOVE the color of your Shetland Triangle ... love that pattern, too. It might have to go on The List.