Friday, September 21, 2007

Back Home

Basking in the California sun.

The boys came home on Friday and I surprised them at the airport. They had a great time.

I didn't think that this was allowed post 9/11.

Tomorrow morning we leave for a quick overnight camping expedition at a local state recreation area (I think this means it is like a state park, only smaller {and probably more poorly funded}). We picked this location specifically because it is close to home and should the mid-night heebee-jeebees require that we hightail it for home, then at least it is close by. It should be interesting as I don't camp. Hopefully the bottle of wine that we are bringing will help with that. I also plan on bringing some portable knitting to do while the boys fish.
I keep hoping that I will have an opportunity to get some knitting photographed. I have 15 knitted hats done up for the show in November and have about 30 bags that I am sending to the show in October. I will need to work on more so my inventory levels don't fall too much because I am also going to have my very first purse party in October as well.


Heddy said...

Hi ... thanks for the compliment on my bags. They are not purchased patterns ... I took some components from felted abgs that i like, and combined them to make a purse with a shape and a closure that I like. I enjoy making the felted bags - they are a fun knit, and then the surprize of what they turn out to be when they emerge from the wash is pretty excting too!

Your little fella looks so cute "driving" the plane. I didn't think they allowed anyone in the cockpit anymore either - but I supose he isn't a huge security risk - "Take this plane to the bike park"!

Heddy said...

ooops ... that was supposed to read "felted bags"

Shan said...

WHAT A GREAT PICTURE! He looks so happy!

Anonymous said...

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the rachface said...

You are a knitting machine with all those hats and bags! Hope you had a great camping trip!