Saturday, December 09, 2006

Two Down

Granted, I decided to limit my Christmas knitting this year in an attempt to save my sanity and my marriage. (as usual, ignore the cankles, a horrible curse for a sock knitter.)

Briggs and Little Tuffy 75% wool/25% acrylic (There is a reason they call it Tuffy - this stuff is fierce on the hands) I used half of each of 2 skeins. I hate darning in ends in socks. Especially in a thick wool like this, I think it ends up feeling lumpy. I have enough left from each skein to knit another pair if I use the leftovers from Dad's hunting socks last Christmas for the heels and toes.
There is a K2P1 rib on the legs that extends down over the foot. The sole is in st stitch.
These were a fun and easy knit. But I really should remember to write down what I do for the first so I can attempt to replicate it on the second. Honestly, I couldn't remember if I decreased down to 16 stitches or 12 at the toes. From the looks of it, I have one of each.
I do so love knitting socks on a size 6 needle for a man with size 7-1/2 feet!
Knocking these off the to-do list leaves me with just one more gift to knit, a scarf for my sweetie.

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Karen said...

They look so warm and cozy!!! I've recently decided that although I love all the fancy sock patterns, I love wearing simple ribbed socks the best. And yours look so comfy. Good for you deciding to keep Christmas knitting pressure to a minimum!!