Tuesday, December 12, 2006

I am an ebay trollop

I have been cruising ebay on and off looking for a reasonably priced swift. The one I made does not work all that well. It is better than sitting and winding off my knees, but the balls are oddly tensioned and generally need to be wound a second time. Granted, the ball-winder is not the best either, but they are a sadly matched pair.

Then I found this baby. Yeah, it is vintage, but I figure that it has to be better than what I currently have and besides, this is coming out of the money I earned at the craft fair. I had pretty much forgotten that I had placed a bid on it until I got home tonight. I was surprised to find out that I was still the high bidder, even with the ridiculously low bid I put in. Ever since, I have been hovering, waiting to see if I would get out bid. Which I didn't. Yea! A swift for $33.00 including shipping!

The fair-isle Christmas stocking is proceeding. I forgot how nice Cascade 220 can be to work with. I have been using either the Knit Picks or Elann versions, which I find to be scratchier. I will probably publish this pattern for sale once the holidays are over and I can convert my cryptic notes into a full-fledged pattern.

I haven't had a chance to takes pics of it in progress yet...

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