Thursday, October 04, 2007

The deed is done

I must apologize to my faithful reader(s?). I have not died in a forgotten corner somewhere. Nor have I decided to stop blogging. Rather, life has bitten me in the ass yet again.

We finally made the decision to buy a new car. Normally, this would mean a different car that is somewhat newer than what we currently own. This time we decided to bite the bullet and get a brand-spankin' new vehicle. We drove a couple of different ones and decided on the Kia Rio. It's not fancy, but the price is right and the safety features and warranty are great for the price point. We got the silver one with the dark grey interior. I'm really happy with it so far.

Let's just say that the new car buying process sucked the will to live from me. Thankfully, I received a pick me up in my inbox today at lunch. My invite to Ravelry finally came. I fully expect that what little free time I have available between now and Christmas will evaporate before I know it. My username is HouseofWool.

I leave tomorrow to take a load of purses up to the first of 2 shows I have this fall. This one is in a boutique and runs 3 consecutive weekends. The woman who owns it is a friend of my mom's and she is trying to get the local paper to do a story on the sale focusing on my family because my mom and my sister are also selling items there as well.

I will try not to disappear for too long. Ciao for now.

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Ragan Knits etc... said...

Congrats on the invite to Ravelry arriving! And...on the new car even though it is a most stressful event.