Monday, July 16, 2007

A knitting we will go

Honestly, knitting does happen her occasionally. Like last night. I turned the heel on the hippopotamus sucks socks. I have to admit that I am less and less infatuated with KPPPM as I knit these socks. I am finding it to be splitty and a bit underspun, which I am sure contributed to the disaster.

I really want to finish these up. I'm not entirely sure why I picked these up from the bottom of the WIP pile considering that I have Sizzle in the mix and the summers in Wisconsin can be wickedly short (compared with the winters which seem to last a lifetime). I think some of it is that all of the other knitting that I have been doing is utterly brainless (felted hats and dish clothes for sale) so a bit of lace is a nice respite.

That and I am not entirely sure about how I feel about Sizzle at the moment. I have not tried it on recently to ensure the fit. Factor in the blooming that will happen because it is Cotton Fleece, the fit feels like a total crap shoot. And yes, I did swatch and am following it faithfully.

BTW, stop over at the Heathen Housewife for a chance to win a copy of Victorian Lace.


Shan said...

Yes, the Koigu is a bit underspun, hence the loft. Hence, also, the fragility of the yarn once it's on the foot...just a friendly word of caution. I knit Elfine in Koigu and enjoyed every second of the knitting, and they are beautiful socks, but I think I wore them twice before they had a lovely soft, big huge hole in them.

Heddy said...

Thanks for the compliment on my blog re; my Breeze socks -- I wish youi luck with the Potomius socks (they are a grorgeous colour - sorry to see the hole - sux!)

Lucy Neatby has a really good "fix" section in one of her videos -- I will see if I can find it online somewhere and try to post it back to you later (you basically do a duplicate stitch over the mucked up bits and into the good knitting, then pick out the worst of the mucked up bits and secutre the ends -- sounds less confusing than I just wrote , and looks like a great way to fix it if you are good at duplicate stitch/grafting

Jenn said...

I love the color of your socks! And can't wait to see your Sizzle when it's done too. I've always wanted to get and try the pattern. I love seeing everyone elses though :)