Friday, April 06, 2007

A cruel joke

That's what this spring is, a cruel joke played by Mother Nature. Two weeks ago, it was 80 degrees. Today, we have wind chills in the teens. All of the tulips, daffodils and crocuses are up, but it's any one's guess if they will survive the week of temperatures hovering around the freezing point.

As today is Good Friday and it is a paid holiday (thank you corporate America), I have been enjoying myself tremendously. I got to sleep in and NO ONE crawled into bed with me to say how much he loves me. (I totally love snuggling with a sleepy preschooler, but not so much with one who wants to wake up) This means I actually got to SLEEP. Truly a wondrous concept.

Not only did I vacuum my carpets today, but steamed cleaned them as well. Yes, my parents are visiting tomorrow, how did you guess? I haven't gotten as much done on the tidying front as I would have hoped, but the dishes have been washed and the kitchen sink scrubbed. I need to do a once over in the bathroom, but that should be pretty easy, all things considered.

For me, the dining room is my nemesis. See, we use this not so much as a place to eat, but rather as a home office cum sewing room. The built in china cabinet is a great place for me to store assorted kitchen appliances. However, it is also a great place to dump crap.

And, you know how it is, once you decide to clean, it is really less about tidying and more about archeology. There is a sense of wonder and enlightenment when you unearth a long buried treasure. Like car keys.

I've gotten several more handbags put together and I am hoping that tomorrow afternoon I can make a trip to the store that is interested in them. Otherwise, I will be sending my fearless sales force out to do the dirty work next week.

Thanks for the compliments on the bags. They are fun to make and I really like finding funky fabrics to use. I was hoping to take pictures of them today, but it was freezing cold and the wind was blowing like crazy. This isn't a problem if you are photographing, say, rocks. But something that weighs less than a pound? Slight issues ensue.

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Sharon said...

Your cleaning and tidying sounds like mine there are much more interesting things to do!

I like the sound of your bags.