Monday, April 16, 2007


I have started to launch my new handbag business and I am so excited because I made a great sale this weekend. One of the local, funky, boutiques bought a total of six bags! Granted, it isn't a huge number, but it is a great needed influx of cash.

I have also started uploading photos to the new shop website.

In my effort to sound like a broken record, I have to admit that I haven't done much knitting that isn't related to what I can sell. The creative juices haven't really been flowing unfortunately, but hopefully, the knitting mojo is just on a short vacation, instead of a long term sabbatical. I've finished several more washcloths and three more hats.

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marisa said...

Hooray! Sounds like things are starting to take off. (I wish I had that much patience for sewing....) Can't wait to see more bags!