Thursday, March 01, 2007


I am constantly amazed at how busy life is. Apparently, I am either a slow learner or just plain stupid because I feel harried and hurried every day. At work and at home. And I just realized that I haven't posted in a month.

I swear I haven't fallen from the face of the earth, but am working diligently on a TON of projects. All fiber related, but very few involve knitting.

I know that I have mentioned the craft fair more often than is probably necessary, but I was moderately sucessful at it and will be displaying again in the fall. To that end, I have been working like crazy to create stuff that will sell. I know that the hats will do well and I have been picking up Patons Classic Wool on sale to make them.

But, I have also decided to do handbags. For a non-sewer, this is quite a challenge. Overall, I have been doing okay. I sold one to a friend at work and a shop in my hometown bought 3 of them. I have a couple more on consignment there and a shop in Milwaukee took two more on consigment as well.

If we ever have a nice weekend, I will take pictures and post them.

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