Thursday, March 29, 2007

Yet another picture free post

Still not much is new on the knitting front. Mostly it is just washcloths and felted hats. But really, as drained as I am by work, I don't have the creative energy for much more. Soon I will have to drag out the yarn again for Sizzle. I am looking forward to making it, but finding the time to knit what I want is hard, harder than keeping a four year old quiet. Yup, that hard.

On the sewing front, we found a store that is willing to take 4 each of a couple of different bags, so I am burning the midnight oil trying to get them completed. The thought of making a couple of sales and recouping the burgeoning costs is beyond delightful!

I promise that I will take pictures of them once we get a few more nice days. I will then need to use the ol' work computer (which has Photoshop) to edit them. After that, it is the whole issue of getting the website up and running. I do have a tax ID number, but after much consideration, the name just isn't working for a handbag business. I am thinking that I will make is much simpler so that I can use it for either endeavor.

I'm tired just reading the to-do list. What I wouldn't give for a quick nap.

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marisa said...

Good luck with the new venture--the bags are really cute! (Especially the green polka dot one. :D) I can totally sympathize with the amount of energy it takes to get a craft business started--there's a lot of things to arrange and keep track of. Don't burn yourself out!