Tuesday, May 27, 2008


What a month.

Eric's work schedule has been beyond crazy, thankfully, we have just one more night of call before we have a few months of easier rotations. I, for one, am beyond ready. I did marry the guy because I like having him around, not just for his future earnings potential.

Little knitting and even less sewing has been accomplished recently. I had to stop taking my medication for Restless Leg Syndrome and I honestly had no idea that I slept so poorly before I started the medication. I am exhausted all day and can barely make it to 9 pm. On Saturday, while waiting for Eric to get home from call, I sat down on the couch about 8:40 to watch the end of Iron Chef America. I didn't even make it to the judging. The next thing I know, Eric was shaking me awake at nearly 11pm.

It really doesn't leave much time for getting anything done. Which explains why the house is in shambles.

Work is both hectic and slow. Hectic because the company is changing business systems and everyone is in a tizzy because of it. Slow because sales volume is scary low. So slow that I would be in danger of being laid off if it wasn't for the changes. I am still a little nervous about it all.

But, for once we managed to have a beautiful weekend and I spent most of it outside. Saturday, I took Caleb and a neighbor boy to the park. The boys were having a snack when the neighbor leaned over and whispered something to Caleb.

Caleb looked at me and asked if his friend could come over to our house after the park. I said to Caleb that it was fine and he looked at his friend and said that he could come over.

The friend gave Caleb a positively whithering look and said in a voice dripping with derision "I'm not blind over here!" It was all I could do to not fall off the park bench from laughing.


Big Alice said...

Bleh, hope your schedule calms down soon. It sounds hectic. And hooray for nice weekends! I could use one of those.

Aunt Kathy said...

Kids say the darndest things, lol

Hope you can figure out how to sleep again, I know exactly where you are. Not RLS but without the CPAP mask I don't sleep at all.

=Tamar said...

Can you take mineral supplements? Some people find that magnesium or potassium or iron helps with restless leg.

Ewe Little Dickens said...

Out of the mouths of babes ;-> A beautiful weekend does help put a brighter spin on things, doesn't it?