Saturday, April 12, 2008

Rain, rain go away

Please don't come again another day. It seems that the weather hasn't gotten much better now that the temperatures are a bit warmer. On Thursday we got 2 inches of rain. I shudder to think of how much snow that would have been.

Yesterday, I nearly gagged walking into work because of the smell of worms all over the parking lot. It was a hugely powerful smell. I won't describe it. Normally, it doesn't bother me at all. I wonder if it is just because it is the umpteenth day in a row without sun that I want to crawl into a cave and never come out. Or run away to Burmuda. Hmmm, or Brazil, or anywhere that has sunshine.

Today they are forecasting a rain/snow mix. Yipee.

I have actually done a wee bit of knitting for myself this week. I've been working on the Hedgerow Socks (ravelry link - sorry) in Regia Silk 4 ply in Red. It is really a tomato red and I love the color. The stitch pattern is deceptively simple, just a 4x2 ribbing where the center 2 stitches of the knit section are replaced with seed stitch. So, a 2 row repeat. But DAMN is it hard to remember that I need do the oppositite of what I see in that section. It is not TV knitting by any means, not if I want to actually look at the TV. My camera is MIA, so if I locate it, I will come back and drop in a picture.

Knitting a top down sock still makes me nervous, what if I don't have enough yarn, I sure as Hades don't want to have to rip back, nor do I want to pick up another ball of yarn. I have lots of sock yarn and don't need another partial ball laying around staring at me. I don't have anything that would coordinate that nicely either for heels and toes.

I've also been sewing. The sucess, however modest, at the show last weekend energized me to keep moving forward. I've finshed off four bags that went over really well at the show as well as the only custom order that I took. I'm just waiting for the check to arrive and it will go out in the mail.

Again, if I can find the camera, I will post pictures.


Shan said...

Okay, that is just gross.

The worm thing. Gaaaaaah.

Big Alice said...

Mmmmm, worms!

I feel your pain. The WHOLE WINTER is like that here, never-ending rain. I don't know what'd be worse, snow snow snow or rain rain rain. I'm sorry you're getting the worst of both of those.

ali said...

Any success is great, right? Keep it up, and have fun with it, because if it's not fun, then it's just work...

I haven't done toe-up yet and yes, I do get nervous, but I haven't run out yet. I'm lucky I know... millions of knitters worldwide have run out of yarn before the second toe, and perhaps it's only a matter of time for me...

Happy knitting-

Jenn said...

Yes, this time of year I'm sick of the rain too.
Can't wait to see your socks! I've never done toe-ups, only cuff downs. Sometimes I worry if I'll have enough yarn, but I always have plenty leftover.