Friday, December 28, 2007

Recovering from the holidaze

I'm so glad that Christmas is over this year. I always enjoy the holiday, but for some reason this year, I just wasn't in the spirit. I felt like we didn't put enough effort into most of the gifts that we gave because there just wasn't time to find the "perfect" gift.

It didn't help that on Christmas Eve, while driving back from my parents, we came across a terrible accident on the freeway. Eric felt obligated to stop and help. There was one fatality, the other adult had life-threatening injuries and the 3 yo was hurt, but okay because she was in a car seat. The accident just deflated us.

While visiting with my parents, I was able to finish the back of my Ribbi Cardi. It turns out that 8" of fresh snow that fell made a perfect backdrop for photographing the cranberry color. While the background is dim, the color is pretty accurate in the photograph. (On the first try no less!)

I started the armhole shaping on the fronts only to realize that I had knit the 2nd smallest size for the back and the smallest size for the front. Combine that with the fact that I wasn't happy with a couple of other niggling details on the fronts and ribbit. Currently, I am on row 18 of 32 of the ribbing, blech. Here's hoping that I can make up for lost time this weekend.

Imagine this picture, only shorter and slightly wider and you
will envision what I currently have on the needles.


Meredith said...

The colour in that cardi is spectacular! And I love the shots of it in the snow.
I'm so sorry your festivities ended in such a downer. It is really wonderful that you would stop to help those people, though. I admire that you took the time to help them out and I'm willing to be they appreciated it. Hopefully next year's festivities get you going better. In the meantime, enjoy some fiber therapy and make some January festivities just for you! :)

Karen said...

I think a lot of people were with you this Christmas - it seemed to come so fast and it was tough to find the spirit. And that terrible accident, how sad - that would put a damper on the merriest of holidays.

The sweater is going to be gorgeous though. I've had that pattern in my queue for a while.

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Ragan Knits etc... said...

Oh no! That is a horrible accident, but it was good that you were able to stop and offer assistance. Your sweater on snow looks great.