Monday, February 19, 2007

Off sleeve island - but not for long

Okay - I am really grooving on the whole theory of Ann Budd's book. It's fabulous if, like me, you tend not to follow patterns exactly. *Ahem*

However, it would seem that my taking the whole theory into practice thing could use a bit of work.

I am relatively tall, nearly 5'9", but am not, erm, overly well endowed, shall we say. As it is, with a little bit of help from Victoria's Secret, I can almost eek out a 34" bust measurement. All things considered I prefer my sweaters to have a bit of negative ease, generally, a finished measurement of about 32" or so.

The AB book's adult pattern guides start at a finished bust measurement of 36" and to me, that is a whole lot of sweater. So, I flipped back to the kid's section and was pleased as punch to see that they have both a 32" and 34" chest ('cuz it is just wrong to say a kidlet has a bust, know what I mean?).

The body was a breeze. My numbers matched her numbers pretty well and it was smooth sailing.

I got to the sleeves and did a few calculations to ensure that I cast on the correct number of stitches, this involved paper, a pencil, a calculator, a tape measure and more than a few profanities. As an FYI, I highly recommend an assistant to measure your wrists, this is not an easy feat to do by oneself.

I cast on and knit the first sleeve according to the directions laid out in the children's section, but added some extra length. I then knit the second sleeve exactly like the first.

Then I tried them on.

It seemed really odd that all of the increases were worked below the elbow. But, I had faith.

I joined the sleeves to the body and began working the yoke while traveling for the weekend - the book remained at home in my knitting basket unfortunately. I thought long and hard about when to start the decreases for the seamless yoke. (I've not knit a seamless yoke sweater before.) I had a vague recollection from The Sweater Workshop of working about 2" before beginning the raglan decreases and figured that this would probably be about the same.

When I regained access to the book, I looked closely at the directions. Yep, 2" was right. Whew.

Then I looked again. I realized that there is a difference in the depth of the yoke for the 32" versus the 36" chest. Duh.

No problem, I followed the stitch counts for the smaller size while spacing the decreases according to the larger size.

Then it hit me.

Do you see it?

The sleeve increases are spaced differently between the sizes. ARGH!

So, I have a choice to make. Do I remove the sleeve from the body and redo, or do I try to be all zen and let the mistake go figuring that this is not haute couture and that I (and now you) am the only one who know about this little issue?

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